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Witney Futures Group on site: India

Doing our very small bit for climate change and the community, by planting a tree in a school in Salem, Tamil Nadu. Not just any tree though. This sapota tree (puteria sapota) will bear fruit in about 4 years which will be full of vitamins C and A amongst other vital ingredients. It will also provide shade and a new habitat for the depleted bird life of the district. More importantly, this single effort will promote the planting of more trees by the schoolkids.

A New World of experience

Since we last posted our world map five months ago, we have more than doubled the number of our Associates, and with them the geographical extent of our experience. So wherever in the world you are, check us out.

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New Associate Appointment!

Two in a week! Witney Futures Group can now announce that Rob Kennedy is our next new Associate. With his experience of air quality, climate change and environmental engineering management, plus his international oil and gas experience, he complements our growing capability. He may look younger than most of the rest of us, but he has amazing experience.