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Witney Futures Group New Associate

When you wish to appoint someone, these are the sorts of recommendations about that person that you like to receive: “…able to view the broader aims and objectives whilst also presenting great attention to detail…”, “…sense of responsibility was unwavering…”, or “…great ability to get on with people…”. So welcome to Anna Hewson, Witney Futures Group’s new Associate in EIA, consents and environmental management (and other matters).

Coronavirus: business help in a time of crisis?

As the rate of Covid-19 infections steepens and businesses begin to suffer from absenteeism and decreasing productivity, employers may consider that it is worth considering drawing on labour sources outside their permanent employment pool to get things done.

As a single person company – albeit with 11 closely-connected Associates with whom I work – I sometimes feel that I often work, in effect, in a periodic state of self-isolation as I communicate with clients and colleagues and attempt to generate business from my home office base. People like us are used to this working method, are adaptable, and are able to drop onto projects and into working situations where short-term or specialist solutions are required.

So think about it, employers, and contact us if you need the sort of help that we can offer.

Witney Futures Group on site: India Part 2

Beware the Bison!

Not something you see everyday on a site inspection. On site in Tamil Nadu, India.