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Witney Futures Group provides experienced, self-starting consultants to a variety of sectors on a contract basis. Our backgrounds are in separate, but overlapping and related, disciplines – in environment, planning, energy, development and infrastructure. We offer our experience for long-, medium- or short-term contracts or on an interim management basis.

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Witney Futures Group provides experienced consultancy services in environment, planning, energy, development and infrastructure to a wide range of potential clients in a unique arrangement that seeks to marry specific client and project requirements with the right person for the job.

Our consultants are very experienced technically in their own field. We have previously held senior technical or managerial positions in major, international consultancies; we are connected with clients from, and have completed projects in, a large number of sectors; we have worked overseas; and we have managed our own small businesses. We often work together on special projects. This collective experience and our unique  contractual arrangement results in optimum project performance.


Our clients include organisations from both the public and private sectors. We provide environment and sustainability services directly to: entrepreneurial individuals; developers of buildings, facilities and land; infrastructure providers and operators; major landowners; public authorities; investors; and joint ventures. We also support multidisciplinary consultancies, where we supplement in-house capability with services which are not available at the time that they are needed. We have also worked in many jurisdictions worldwide, including for international funding organisations. Collectively we can provide skills that are transferable to most situations.

We do not claim to offer everything to everybody. Importantly for us, we prefer to offer to our clients a tailored solution based on their specific needs, carefully matched to the relevant skills provided by our specialist Associates, Partners. and collaborating businesses.

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Procuring our environment and sustainability services is very easy. Simply contact us via this website, or get in touch by email or phone, and let us know what your needs are. We will endeavour to respond to you quickly, confidentially and discretely as necessary. Our MD will review your request and assess Associates’ appropriate skills and current availability. He will then personally act as an interface in the first instance between you, as prospective client, and the appropriate Associate(s). Following personal introductions and exchanges of details, formal contracts are exchanged and completed. Simple.

Throughout every project Witney Futures Group maintains a close connection with our clients, in order to: ensure that both work and the client-Associate relationship are running as smoothly as possible;  assess whether any changes need to be made; and review if further Associate services can be offered. So by procuring the services of Witney Futures Group Associates, you will be sure of our personal, tailored, professional contribution to your project throughout.

An added benefit is that that process implies limited contractual paperwork, thus saving project time, cost and administrative complexity.


Our relationships with our clients are always mutually based on the best possible intentions and results. For this reason, our Associates commit to every client: dedication and attention to client requirements; the most appropriate use of our skills and experience on a project-by-project basis; fairness and transparency in commercial and technical management and implementation of projects; honesty in reporting positives or problems connected with each project; proactive engagement with our clients and stakeholders during each project; value for money; and, where possible, generation or application of innovative solutions.

In short, Witney Futures Group’s values centre on decency, honesty and fairness in our dealings with clients and third parties, sustainability and carbon reductions where possible, and dedication to providing optimal performance to clients in order to derive the best project outcomes.

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Witney Futures Group was founded by Simon Witney in 2013 in Sydney, Australia. Simon returned to the UK to become Environment Director in a major consultancy, then was appointed as MD for a group of small consultancy businesses. He formally registered Witney Futures Group Ltd with Companies House in 2015 as a vehicle for procuring contract work.

What Simon began to realise was that he knew many people in his own position – like-minded professional friends and former colleagues offering environment and sustainability services. He enjoyed working closely with them and knew and appreciated their self-starting competence, abilities and conscientiousness. They were brought together as Witney Futures Group Founding Associates in Summer 2019, each person representing a different but closely associated technical skills base. Since then, other Associates have joined the company. Agreements have also been signed or informally struck with Partners and collaborating small businesses which provide additional, complementary resources. The company’s capability and breadth of services continue to develop strongly.


We are Members, Fellows, technical authors, Committee Members and  Mentors of the following professional organisations, Institutes and Associations: